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Boots has remained synonymous with expert craftsmanship and hand-crafted perfection since 1982. Specializing in luxury shoes for men, the brand continues to be the definitive choice for the well-dressed. All having been crafted from rich, tactile suedes and leathers.


Having generations of craftsmanship experience in leather shoe making, all our products are handcrafted to perfection using the techniques which give our shoes that finesse. Faithful to our roots that is to stay classy, timeless & fashion forward handmade shoes.

Our craftsmen have modernized the traditional shoe making process, so that you can feel the quality touch along with modern shoe making trends. Here at Boots, we connect the customers with our artisans so both can be at ease and fully satisfied.

Meet The Founder

Boots, a name synonymous with style, class and unparalleled craftmanship – founded by Khalil Ur Rehman – this Pakistani shoe brand is renowned for their mastery in leather footwear, consistently producing high quality fashion shoes since 1982.

Khalil Ur Rehman has been working very hard for the past 40 years to master the shoe maker’s craft and it’s severe demands; skilled wood carving to ensure accuracy of the last, hand picking leather to ensure the quality of the shoe and the necessity of perfection to please the client.

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